The Aircon Chemical Cleaning Process

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash
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We share in our previous post about the benefits of aircon chemical wash. Now, let understand better the cleaning process. There are a lot of video tutorial out there teaching how to wash your air-conditioner using chemicals. Some may be effective in teaching you how to do them while other can be downright dangerous when they tell you to handle chemicals with no proper safety measures.

It is best that you get a licensed AC technician from a reputable air-conditioner service provider to do the chemical cleaning. However, if you are really curious about how the process work you can read on to find out the general steps they take to do a chemical clean on your machine.


When doing a full-on chemical wash, expert technicians bring with them special chemical reagents that are made especially for the task at hand. They are efficient at removing clogged up particles inside each part of the AC without doing any damage to the said parts.

Professional grade cleaning solutions don’t leave any residue on the parts where they are applied to. This makes rinsing the affected parts a lot easier for the technicians. It also assures that it won’t affect how the components operate after cleaning.

Some even leave a chemical coating which doesn’t leave a chemical film but changes it’s surface energy which keeps dirt and dust from sticking on it. This means that it will take a longer build-up of particles on the parts ensuring that they are cleaner for longer.

You also need a catch basin to keep the chemicals from spilling over to the floor or anywhere inside your house especially if the chemicals are really toxic. Sprays and other nozzles will also be useful when initially cleaning the unit.

Cleaning Process

For a chemical wash to be effective, parts like the fan coil, motor fans, air filters, and drainage system must be dismantled and taken out to be cleaned individually. This will ensure that all the key parts most affected by debris will be cleaned thoroughly.

cleaning process

Spraying the fan coil with the chemical solution will help remove the dirt that accumulated on the coil during the long hours of operation. It makes the air cleaner which means the filter won’t catch as much dirt and dust as it used to with a dirty coil.

Aside from the chemical cleaning, the fans should also receive some greasing to make sure it runs well and keeps it from shaking and vibrating from the operation. The fan delivers the air to the room and it’s cleaned using the chemical agent then it means the air emitted will be much cleaner.

The filters catch the dust and particles from the air passing through it. Wash it with the right chemicals and owners will get pure air blown out from the fan panels of your unit. It keeps allergens from getting in and you conserve more energy.

Finally, the drainage system will be the last to get cleaned. This is where you get the pipes and catch basins of your AC flushed with the chemical solution. It will ensure that the insides are squeaky clean and removing stuff that might cause leaks on the drain.

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