Chemical Air Conditioner Washing Service

If your air conditioner unit is not in good shape, you will end up spending more on your bills. It will be easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without overspending on your electricity bills or having your aircon run all the time if your unit is in good working order. You need to take action right away if you think that your unit might not be working properly.

Does it take a long time for a room to cool down after you turn it on? A room should cool down within ten minutes if it is working properly. If you need to leave it for longer than ten minutes to get a room at a comfortable temperature, you probably need to call a professional and have them perform a chemical wash to improve the performance of your air conditioner unit.

Replacing an old air conditioner might be a good option, but you can usually get it to work well again thanks to repairs and maintenance

Why Is Chemical Washing A Good Option?

Having your A/C cleaned with a chemical solution will make a real difference. Most of the air conditioning cleaning companies in Singapore offer this service and recommend it. Dust and other particles build up in your system over the years and end up affecting performance. Using water to clean it only eliminates some of the surface dirt. You will not be able to eliminate all the particles that have been building up as well as the bacteria unless this solution is used. Here are the main benefits of using this solution.

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It is usually best to have it cleaned twice a year. You might need to have it cleaned more often if you use it a lot or if there is a lot of dust in your location. We have been offering cleaning, repairs and maintenance services for air conditioners in Singapore for more than 10 years. Give us a call if you want to find out more about chemical cleaning or need another type of repair and maintenance service.

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