Finding The Best AC Unit Servicing Company In Singapore

The Aircon Chemical Cleaning Process

We all know how Weather in Singapore is often completely unpredictable. The lack of shade in both residential and commercial areas makes it quite hard to stay in a place which doesn’t have a functioning air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, AC units can be quite expensive in the country, so when you buy one, you need to make sure you’re making the best purchase possible. An easy way to choose the right air-con is to find a trusted aircon servicing company which will be able to assist you throughout this process – during purchase, installation and maintenance. All the three play an extremely important role in making sure your aircon performs well for a long time.

Of course, figuring out which is the best service provider in Singapore can be quite a hard task, since there are so many competing companies. Similarly, it can be quite tough to decide which aircon brand you should buy. In order to make your search a bit easier, we’ll provide you with a few tips on how to figure out the best AC Service Company in Singapore.

Search Online – And Look Closely

The vast majority of aircon service providers nowadays have a dedicated website in which they showcase their service. This allows you to get an initial idea of the company’s qualifications, and their previous projects as well. It is extremely important that you look beyond the appearance of the website, obviously – you should take into account crucial information such as their specialization (whether they specialize in commercial or residential service), reviews, and team members. It is also an excellent time to check the location of the company, just to make sure you can deal with them in a practical manner.

Area Of Coverage And Location

As we’ve said earlier, it’s important to take into consideration the location of the provider when making a decision. It’s important to remember many companies in Singapore have a somewhat limited coverage area – so trim down your choice either to companies which are relatively near you, or to those who service Singapore in its entirety. This comes in handy should you have an emergency with your AC unit.

Service Provider And Supplier

Another good thing to do is to choose a service provider which sells air conditioning units as well. This means that they’ll be confident about their product quality, and you’ll be able to much more easily arrange for regular maintenance after purchasing. Another benefit is that warranty will be validated quite easily by a similar provider.

Visit Their Office

While everything can be found online nowadays, it is often a good idea to physically visit the office of your service provider and chat with some of their team members a bit. This will make it easier for you to assess the competency and confidence of the team in handling AC maintenance and installation. They will also be able to give you some tips and recommendations on which brand and type of aircon you should pick for your home.


Remember to inquire the company regarding all potential expenses that may result from having an AC unit installed, and then compare the costs among your best options. Some companies will offer free consultations from a few months to a year, if you purchase an unit from them. Look for this type of perk as you compare different service providers.

In Short

With all harsh weather changes, you’re expected to call the AC repair guy for maintenance cleaning from time to time. Aircon units do require regular cleaning – at least yearly – in order to improve the units performance and energy efficiency. For this reason, it is essential that you have a reliable aircon service provider which you can call in Singapore to help address issues with your unit.

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